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Are you a skilled gardener / green activist in copy-writing and publication of higher education documents & content?

If you are a website owner, you're posts could get published here, and if account is approved, on a small network of elite site's related to gardening. We're not looking for those who are not in either a real business, on-going or post-graduate of agriculture / horticulture studies, or not an affiliate marketer, than you may qualify.

What do you need, to get started, right away?

  1. First, we want to see where you're writing skills are at, and the site will allow a submission of an article.
  2. Must be written with no less than 600 words.
  3. All content must be completely unique and verified through a 3rd party company, such as Copy-scape and other major corporation alternatives.

Images: Policy
  1. Picture's are allowed, however, we require that they are uploaded directly to our server, and remain there, for the duration of the article's lifetime.
  2. Permission to use private label rights image licensing is granted, by the act of a final submission verification notice.
  3. You must either own the image, have the documented rights, and creative commons statement, before having image's on you-re articles.

Video: Policy
  1. Video is also allowed and encouraged.

Polls: Policy
  1. Creating clever and unique polls, to ask our viewer's and loyal user's to answer. You may be surprised, at the results

To Be Eligible for Publishing:
  1. There must be no spelling or grammatical errors.
  2. There must be at least 600 words.
  3. There must be at least 3 different links pointing to awesome & authoritative document's, that are related to the post being published, even if they are competitor's of yours. You cannot link to the same website more than once, and it must not be promotional.
  4. There must be at least 2 image's within the post, or if you cannot provide images, you must write another 100 word's for each image. So, either it's write another 200 unique words or provide royalty free & verified images. 
  5. Author must meet the rest of the minimum requirement's qualifications and flags list, which consists of typical author basis of quality control.

  • Look for colleges and universities that have Extension programs, in addition to local & federal government programs, special interest groups and non-profit organizations, and other awesome blog's with a lot of traffic, when you're searching for these out-bound links.

Don't link to website's that, in your opinion, could go down within the next 2 to 5 years;


My Belief's

The above listed companies, in my professional opinion, will be around for over 50 year's. Sure, not all of them well, because they will be bought out by the largest fish in the industry, one day. Versus, Joe blow's blog post, which is a decent post, but it doesn't look like Joe is really committing for the long run, and is going to be a drop out, most likely.

How-to Start Your Article Submission?

E-mail the full article to, include you're companies information, what anchor text you would like, and any other details / questions you have, you're content will be either approved and queued for publishing, or denied & a message will notify you as to the reason for revisions.

I guarantee you this, you're going to be very happy that you've connected with us, our partners, and sponsor's, we're here to stay, and change the world, one blog post at a time!

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